Over 108 lbs. of marijuana seized at Sierra Blanca checkpoint
(Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

SIERRA BLANCA, TEXAS (KWES) - Two people are in big trouble after U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents found over 108 pounds of marijuana in a vehicle.

We're told it happened at the Sierra Blanca, Texas, immigration checkpoint on Wednesday.

Agents assigned to the checkpoint on I-20 said they first encountered a late-model Ford Expedition in the primary inspection lane when a Border Patrol canine alerted.

According to the report, the driver and passenger both said they were U.S. citizens before the canine alerted to the driver and passenger side door panels.

Agents later conducted a x-ray of the vehicle and found several anomalies in the door panels of the vehicle consisting of square-shaped objects of different sizes.

We're told the door panels were later removed and agents found 99 cellophane bundles of marijuana.

The total cost of the marijuana was over $86,000.

The driver and passenger were both arrested for possession of marijuana and later turned over to the Drug Enforcement Agency.