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OPD reminds public about consequences of false emergency reports

A person found to be making a false report could face a fine and time behind bars.
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ODESSA, Texas —

Following hoax reports of an active shooter situation on Thursday, the Odessa Police Department is reminding the public what is at stake when a person makes a false emergency report.

The department said they think the false call made Thursday was part of a trend called “swatting,” in which a person makes a prank call to emergency services just to draw out officers to a location.

It is illegal to make false emergency calls, and breaking that law can carry serious consequences.

According to OPD, it could be treated as a class A misdemeanor, and possibly up to a 3rd degree felony, if it results in injury to an officer or emergency responder.

A 3rd degree felony could carry punishment of 2-10 years behind bars and a fine of up to $10,000.

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