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Only 7 months after opening, City of Midland animal shelter has reached capacity

Midland Animal Services said they currently have 242 animals in their care, and are exceeding capacity because more pet owners are surrendering their animals.

MIDLAND, Texas — The City of Midland's animal shelter just opened their doors last year, and not even a year later, they've reached capacity.

“We are at capacity, and unfortunately that’s a really tough spot to be in,” said Robin Poole, Midland City Councilwoman.

According to Animal Services, on any given day they house over 200 animals. As of May of this year, they currently have 242 animals in their care.

That number is going up because they are seeing an increase in pet owners surrendering their pets to the shelter.

"When residents take on an animal, they need to realize that’s a commitment for life, it’s not just about what fits the need of the then and there," said Poole.

Poole said to address this ongoing problem at the shelter, owners need to be responsible.

"That’s an animal that you’re committed to not only bring into your home, but to their future care," said Poole. "There’s vaccinations, if they get sick they’re gonna have to have vet care, there’s a lot of things you have to consider."

Poole fosters an animal from the shelter, and encourages others to do the same if they're able to, to help the shelter alleviate overcrowding. 

"If they’re interested in fostering, that’s another great way to alleviate some of the pressure off of the shelter," said Poole. "And those can be short term things where you just bring an animal in your home for a couple weeks until they're able to find them a home."

According to Animal Services, they are an open intake public shelter, meaning no animal in their jurisdiction is turned away and euthanasia is their last resort.

For more information on adopting from Midland Animal Services, click here.

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