ONE MONTH LATER: Search continues for Zuzu Verk, parents remain hopeful
Robert Fabian (left) with Zuzu Verk (right) (Source: Facebook)
ONE MONTH LATER: Search continues for Zuzu Verk, parents remain hopeful
Zuzu Verk (Source: Alpine Police Department)

ALPINE, TX (KWES) - It's been one month since Sul Ross State University student Zuzu Verk was last seen in Alpine, Texas. It's been even longer since her parents have seen her. The Verk family said they never expected Zuzu to be gone this long and the memories of her are making the days go by faster.

We visited with several courts in Alpine and we have learned a grand jury will be presented with evidence very soon. We've reached out to the Attorney General's Office, there is no word on any possible indictments.

After a month of Zuzu's disappearance the Verk family is reminiscing the last time they saw their daughter. Zuzu's mother, Lori Verk, said the last time she saw Zuzu was six weeks ago when they went on a mother/daughter getaway.

"We both stopped to fill up our tanks and go our separate ways and she gave me a big hug and told me that she's so happy that I'm her mom and thanks for doing this weekend and that she had a great time," said Lori Verk.

For Zuzu's father, Glenn Verk, it's been even longer. Last time he saw Zuzu was eight weeks ago during a presentation at Sul Ross.

"Sure enough, I saw her drive by in her little Miata, she didn't know it was me, it was a rental car and I saw her drive by and my feeling at the moment was pride," said Glenn Verk.

The Verk family said their parental instincts kicked in the day Zuzu went missing. They want to reunite with their daughter and know exactly how she would react.

"Where the hell have you been? That's what she would say," said Lori Verk as she laughed. "She would say we've been waiting so long!" "You guys are so dramatic," added Glenn Verk.

Find Zuzu T-shirts are for sale in hopes of this helping locate her. They can be purchased here:

The Verk family said the money from these shirts is being donated.

A $200,000 reward is being offered for anyone who has information that can bring Zuzu back home. As you drive by town, you see missing fliers all around. Protesters have even started dedicating their free time to confronting the prime suspect, Zuzu's boyfriend, Robert Fabian.

The Alpine Police Department (APD) said Fabian is still not cooperating with law enforcement. They have also named Fabian's family and friend as persons of interest. That means authorities want help from the persons of interest with information.

APD said calling off the search is not an option and will continue until they find Zuzu.

"I still have that faith that we're going to locate her," said Lt. Felipe Fierro with the Alpine Police Department.

Glenda Westerman has spent as many as six hours at a time doing this in hopes of Fabian saying something.

"If he's not guilty, why don't he come on forward and tell us?" said Westerman.

Authorities said at this point Zuzu can be anywhere around the country. Both law enforcement and the Verk family are optimistic Zuzu will be home safe and sound soon.