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Northwestern Baptist Church happy to be back together for Easter

One Midland church is blessed to be back in-person to enjoy Easter services together. This comes after the church closing last year due to COVID-19.

MIDLAND, Texas — Last year Easter looked a lot different for many celebrating around the world. With many churches having to close their doors. However, this year some churches are looking forward to celebrating with in-person services this year. 

Bob Highley, Pastor of Northwestern Baptist Church is glad that he and his congregation can be together this year to celebrate Resurrection Sunday. Because that wasn't the case last year.

""In 2020 we weren't able to have an Easter service in the building or out here," Highley said, "we were able to do things by video. We videoed service. I videoed at my home and the praise leader videoed at his home and we put it on our Facebook and our website. So people were able to worship together. Separately."

This year him and his congregation are thankful that things are different, "it was a good new beginning after 2020, it was just what God gave us the opportunity to do so we're excited about it."

COVID-19 might have shut down his church, but it opened the door up to the church spreading the word of God many different ways, "our technology improved, all of our equipment improved, we got a chance to think more deeply on how to reach more people instead of doing what we've always done," said Pastor Highley.

They don't take for granted being able to fellowship amongst each other, whether it's inside or outside of the House of the Lord. 

"This Easter is gonna be a lot more fun because we're gonna be together personally. We're going to be careful and try to keep each other safe and well but man we're gonna celebrate our risen savior," says Highley.