ODESSA, TX (KWES) - On Friday night, if you look on the sidelines at Ratliff Stadium. You might spot a pair of blonde braids popping out from under an OHS helmet and she knows what you're thinking.

"It's just not normal so people aren't used to it around here," said Baylee Gamble.

But that's exactly why Baylee Gamble, a senior kicker for the Bronchos, chose to throw on the pads and play around with the pigskin.

"I'll always be able to have a story to tell of me in high school. Not normal. So I just wanted to do something unique with the high school years I have left," said Gamble.

Baylee's played soccer since she was four, and during her sophomore year at Odessa High, she decided to take a gamble and kick the football instead. She earned her way to the starting gig on the JV squad, but her success didn't go over well with everyone.

"There were some girlfriends mad that I was playing football so they said some hateful comments on social media and in the hallways. I guess it's just part of it," said Gamble.

Once she was on the team, she had to come to terms with the fact she will always be different from the rest of her teammates.

"It's a little different with the guys because they have that locker room bond and I don't have that with them but I mean I don't want it but it just it took awhile for them to warm-up to the idea," said Gamble.

But her drive to stay outside her comfort zone keeps her coming back to the gridiron.

"Just like the rush I get cause if I don't kick the ball fast enough I know I'm gonna get hit," said Gamble.

She has one simple message she wants to spread.

"You know if guys can cheer and guys can play our sports, we can play their sports." said Gamble.

Baylee hopes to continue to play their sport in college. She plans to try out for the UTPB football team next year.