ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Imagine OHS is having practice and there's a thunderstorm.

"It doesn't even have to be raining. If there's lightning then we have to get off the field," said Coach Danny Servance.

From there Coach Danny Servance has to use his negotiation skills with the school's volleyball coach to allow his boys to share the gym. Even if he gets his way, Coach Servance says his Bronchos still wouldn't be as set for success as their opponents might be.

"You're getting ready to play someone and they've had a full week of practice. And then you have to play or you have to cut your practice short. You can't throw the ball, you have to only run, then those people have an advantage over you," said Servance.

That's why he's picking up the push for an indoor practice facility, which started with a previous Odessa High coach, back in 2006.

11 years later, Coach Servance thinks not having a place to practice in inclement weather is not with the times.

"This day and time, 2017 there's not many 6A programs in the state, there's probably not many 4A or 5A programs in the state, that don't have an indoor facility," said Servance.

On Tuesday, he met with an engineer to discuss logistics, and more importantly put a price tag on the project. Turns out it totals up to about $2 million.

"So we are really just trying to contact businessmen in Odessa that care about kids. This is for the kids. The original plans has coaches offices and all these things. I don't want coaches offices, I'm in an office right now. What I want is a facility where we can service kids. This will service all sports at Odessa High. This will be an Odessa High indoor facility," said Servance.