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Political Football: Perrysburg students hold mock Congressional draft

In Perrysburg High School's Fantasy Congress Draft, student draft senators and representatives to a 'team' and get points for newsmaking events by their 'players.'

PERRYSBURG, Ohio — Students at Perrysburg High School are learning about Congress in a unique and fun way.

American government students are learning through an NFL-style mock draft, and it works kind of like a fantasy football league.

Social studies teacher Ron Degregorio says the students draft senators and representatives to form a team to gain points.

"There are so many representatives and senators that our students don't know," Degregorio said. "We thought this was a great opportunity to learn all of the congressmen not just the ones in our home state and what they are working on. So it introduces them to bills and legislation that they might not otherwise be aware of."

The members of Congress they have on their team earn points through news mentions, legislative activity and other current event-type mentions.
So they're learning about the leaders of our country, while having some fun, too.

Just like with the NFL Draft there are a number of rounds allowing the students to pick their fantasy group of senators and representatives.