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Odessans want more restaurants, retail and family-friendly entertainment downtown

Odessa city leaders say they expect to have a full finalized master plan for downtown Odessa by the end of October.

ODESSA, Texas — The goal is for downtown Odessa to be a place for everyone.

"To have an active, participating downtown that will appease to the entire community," said Javier Joven, the mayor of Odessa.

It's front and center from mayor Joven. The people of Odessa have spoken and they want more retail, entertainment and restaurants.

"It won't come back as the way it used to be back maybe in the 50s and 60s where we had big box stores downtown. What we're hoping for is more of boutiques," said Mark Matta, Odessa city councilman for district one.

With this direction from the community, it's easier to lay things out.

"That's going to get more attention from the developers, seeing what we have planned for downtown," Matta said.

"One of the needs that MCH has is they need living that's close to the hospital for their professionals and nurses, so I think there is a unique way to be able to partner," Joven said.

Slowly but surely, more development is starting.

"Some construction just started yesterday on Icon tavern and so we're seeing movement. It's starting slow, but I would guarantee it once we start getting going and we start putting in some key components, they'll be here," Joven said

With one goal in mind and one community coming together, it's certainly possible.

"Keep them here, let's give them something to do, let's give them stuff to do that the kids want to do also. Let's keep that money in here, let's keep it local, so we can spur the economy," Matta said.