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Odessa veteran feeds local veterans and the homeless Thanksgiving Dinner

Odessa native and veteran, Jesse Porras held his 9th annual Thanksgiving Dinner at Abuela's Kitchen. A dinner that started after he saw a need in his community.

ODESSA, Texas — Inside of Abuela's Kitchen in Odessa, volunteers came together to serve dinner for Thanksgiving. 

"Its been really fun its exciting to serve our community even if it’s a small gesture. Its seems small to us but big to our community and we love that," said Adriana Williams, Co-owner of Abuela's.

For the 9th year now, Jesse Porras has been able to host his Annual Thanksgiving Dinner.

"It’s been a blessing these people offered there place today to make this happen for thanksgiving dinner for the community," said Porras.

An adventure that started after he saw people in his hometown were in need of help, especially during the Holidays.

"It’s been adventure. I saw a lot of people that were just in corners and they needed some kind of shelter which I couldn’t provide. If I could I would do it, but the only thing I could provide them is a hot meal. So it was either or so I figured I cant provide shelter for people in the streets but the only thing I can do is provide a hot meal," he said.

So provide a hot meal he did. "From there on I said you know what I'm gonna keep doing this I see the results and it made me happy so from there I said I'm gonna do it until the god lord calls me," said Porras.

His Annual Thanksgiving Dinner not only put food in stomachs, but also smiles on faces.

"The response is thank you, God bless you, appreciate it. They even try to give me donations, I really don’t want donations I just want them to be happy. My happiness is their  happy. If their happy, I'm happy because they got a free meal and it made them happy they left here. They appreciate it like I tell them well see you next year. Look me up and we’ll give you a Thanksgiving dinner again."

Through his years of feeding his community, Porras is thankful for them just as much as they are for him.

"Always thank and be grateful for what you got because the World keeps going if you're here or not so be grateful. Thank God for what you receive and I appreciate everybody here thank you again," said Porras.

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