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Odessa softball association players: "I look forward to playing softball every Sunday and now I don't know what I'm going to do"

UTPB's contract with the city of Odessa for field use expires August 31, 2021. The league's last game was Saturday, August 28, 2021.

ODESSA, Texas — Bunny Adams has seen Odessa softball through and through.

From a player to a board member to the organization's treasurer, she knows everything that goes on in front of and behind the backstop.

"In league play they have to use a ball purchased from us," said Bunny Adams, Odessa softball sports unlimited treasurer. "We moved to Odessa in 1969 and I started playing fast-pitch softball in the women's league in 1970."

"It's fun and fellowship, it's sportsmanship, trying to stay fit, exercising, doing something that you love," Adams said.

Bunny played the game starting in middle school, but it's not the bat and ball she's going to miss most.

"This is Jeannette and Delilah." Adams said. "We have developed great friendships with our directors, even my concessions personnel, they're my personal friends. We work together as a team."

She's talked her way through these fields for over 50 years.

"It was not what you see now. This park has been built with volunteers, with contributions from companies and the funds that we earn here at the ballpark are reinvested in improvements," Adams said.

It's not just Bunny who'll miss her softball pals. Over 500 players will too.

"Honestly it means a lot. It gives me something to do on the weekends. Every Sunday I look forward to playing softball, every sunday and now I don't know what I'm going to do, I'm going to have to find a new hobby." Cameron Contreras, 7-year softball player said.

For now, they'll be hanging up their bats and gloves, but they tell me they'll be back.

"We're not going away. We still want to play ball, so just keep us in mind and when a bond election comes up to allocate money for our softball fields, for our sports complex. Make sure you vote for it because there a lot of people out here that are counting on you," Adams said.

Bunny says she'll be with the organization until the non-profit dissolves. No field means they'll still be Odessa softball until the city finds them another place to play.