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Odessa Regulates Parking, Keeps Plastic Bags

The Odessa City Council finally made a decision on two big topics at their Tuesday meeting.
By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The Odessa City Council finally made a decision on two big topics at their Tuesday meeting.

"It's important that residents come out and speak those concerns," Andrea Goodson, with the City of Odessa, said.

The council unanimously voted to ban parking on the front lawn of a residence. They also voted on a ban of retailers giving customers plastic bags.

"In a 3-2 vote, council voted the agenda item down and it failed," Goodson said.

One shop owner said she's happy with the decision, since now she won't have to make the switch to paper bags.

"I do not have to raise my prices to my customers because I would've had to buy lots of different sizes of the cloth bags and they're more costly," she said.

At the meeting, synthetic drugs stole the show.

"There's a couple of stores on the south side, they even have a few barber shops that sell it in town," Bobby Woodward, a former user, said.

The council heard from Woodward and other past users.

"I seized up, and if it hadn't been for my parents, my mom and dad, performing CPR and everything, calling the ambulance, I probably wouldn't be here to tell you," Woodward said. "I started snorting it before I knew it I was injecting it. It put me in ICU two times for five days a piece."

The council also heard from parents of users, all pleading with city to do something about the synthetic drug problem.

"I have a 14-year-old son that's been hospitalized twice in nine months," one parent said.

All of them pleaded with the city to do something to ban the use and sell of synthetic drugs.

"I just think this drug should be banned," one resident said.

Mayor David Turner told those who spoke that the city is working to get something done about this problem.

"I've been working with Bobby Bland and Scott Layh to go at it a different way. We want to go at it a civil way to do something to put these people out of business. We'll get this done, " he said.