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3 years later: Odessa law enforcement made necessary changes after mass shooting, are ready 'at a moment's notice'

"I have the utmost confidence in every law enforcement agency in the Permian Basin that they will take the correct action," said Odessa Chief of Police.

ODESSA, Texas — Three years after tragedy struck right at their home, Odessa law enforcement leaders Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis and Odessa Chief of Police Michael Gerke are continuing to do everything to make sure their officers are ready to step into action at anytime.

"At a moment's notice we'll deploy if something like that were to happen again, and we have more resources to do so at this day and time," said Sheriff Griffis.

"I have the utmost confidence that every law enforcement agency in the Permian Basin that they will take the correct action. There's no waiting around. It's go and go to the threat and eliminate the threat," said Gerke. 

As years have passed, Odessa Police have looked at policies and upgraded equipment. 

"We looked at our policies and procedures and were satisfied with those, but we've upgraded some equipment and bought more ballistic shields so we're constantly looking at what you have and how you're able to respond," said Gerke. 

While they're taking care of the community, Chief Gerke is also making sure his officers are also taken care of. 

"As a department with the response we had and the number of officers involved in locating this person. It has taken a toll on those officers too so we have to be careful of their mental health and making sure they're okay," Gerke said. "We monitor them, keep an eye of them and offer assistance."

"It took a toll on the Department, but it took a much bigger toll on the community and those families that lost loved ones and had folks that were hurt and injured," said Gerke.  

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