MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Rio Grande divides Texas and Mexico, and according to the Texas Department of Public Safety, there is not enough manpower to protect that border.

“You can get from the Mexican side to the U.S side within seconds and go undetected,” said Orlando Alanis, Texas Department of Public Safety. “And its unmanned and resources are slim, so that’s why it’s important that a wall would be very successful there to slow them down and give us, law enforcement, time to detect them and interdict them.”

Protecting the border from illegal immigration is costing taxpayers money, especially if they are taken to jail. Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis says they are arresting at least one illegal immigrant a day.

In December of 2018, there were 51 illegal immigrants arrested in Ector County costing taxpayers $71,000.

That amount was just for one month, spread the cost over a year and the number gets close to $800,000.

Some areas are shifting to Sanctuary Cities but Sheriff Griffis says that will not be the case in West Texas.

“As long as I am here this will not be a sanctuary city,” Griffis said.