MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - On Wednesday, Midland City Council officially brought Uber back to the Tall City and drivers like Kennedy Godwin couldn't wait to take advantage of the opportunity to hit the road.

Kennedy Godwin, a first-time Uber driver said, "I started at 1:30 am today. I felt so good when I got a message in May that Uber was going to come back to Midland."

The new ordinance no longer allows the City of Midland to perform background checks on drivers and decreases permit fees. Godwin added driving for Uber gives him the chance to make more money.

"Since everything has slowed down, I have to use Uber to pay the bills," said Godwin.

Others believe having Uber in Midland benefits the city.

Martin Williams works in Midland and said, "I think it's good for people that can't afford a taxi cab or something like that, they can call up an Uber driver, especially with drunk people."

On her way to Fort Bliss, Tania Burgos said, "You can use your own vehicle as an Uber so people who are laid off can just hop in their car a do a quick ride to someone's house."

Drivers like Godwin can now plan their days accordingly.

"After this I would go home and take a short break and come back in the evening," said Godwin.

Godwin plans on driving for Uber at least three days a week, eight hours each day.