MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - George H. W. Bush New Tech Odessa’s robotics team is ready to take on two district competitions coming up this week and the next.

The dedicated ten-member team called, The Narcissist is headed to district competition March 1 through March 3 in El Paso and March 7-9 in Amarillo.

If they win one or both, they move up to the state district championship in Austin, April 4-6.

A win in that contest can lead to a trip to the World Championships in Houston April 17- 20 said, mentor Roseary Valdez.

Although they are a team that solely does everything on their own, Taylor Christesson, member of the Narcissist, expressed they have never felt more confident in their new robot, Vanity, and their potential to win a spot at World’s, the ultimate championship.

“We’ve decided before we even started this, we’re going to World’s,” said Christesson. “Now winning Worlds is a completely different story because you’ve got teams that have massive engineering firms behind them and help them, and we’re just a bunch of high school kids. But we’re going to Worlds.”

The team only gets six weeks to build their robot from scratch, then they must wrap and package it away until the competition.

“I mean the building itself, we start from a plank of wood and some metal pieces. They give us a starter kit but the kit doesn’t have any instructions it just basically a rule book and the rule book says you can’t do this and the robot can’t be bigger than this and run wild,” member Christopher Ramirez said.