ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Ector County Commissioner’s Court discussed plans and new design services for a brand new Youth Detention Center.

The Facility administrator, James Jones, described the center as overcrowded with limited rooms to properly facilitate the amount of juveniles coming in.

“We’re looking at some place that’s really conducive to making a difference in kids lives and putting them back on the right road. Because if we don’t, we’re going to deal with them in the adult system over and over again. You know, it’s like pay me now or pay me later," said James Jones.

Although the facility is ranked one of the top youth centers in Texas, Jones says there are still problems that have been swept under the mat for some time now. Problems including dismissing current juveniles in order to bring in more or having their time and activities spent closely among one another due to limited space.

“We’ll handle it later, we’ll handle it later, well now’s time. We have to do something now if we’re going to be ready for it. And if not we’ll have to deal with the crisis and I don’t know what’s that going to look like," said Jones.