WEST TEXAS (KWES) - The Winkler County Sheriff’s office released data on their Facebook showing the number of crashes in different counties in West Texas.

New data shows increased number of car accidents in West Texas

The post specifically pointed out the increase of numbers in the ‘Odessa District’ or Ector County.

“Its important to know that there is a correlation with car accidents and the local economy here. And what I mean by that is the more people who move here... the more accidents we get. Plus you have to realize that the type of economy we have attracts young males and younger males are more likely to engage in criminal activity and also be involved in more accidents...” said Corporal Steve LeSueur with the Odessa Police Department.

The report compared numbers between 2016 and 2018.

The total crashes in Ector County were up 67 percent and the number of fatalities from those accidents increased 97 percent.

Commercial vehicles involved in accidents had a huge increase too.

In 2016 only 153 vehicles were involved in car accidents, while in 2018 that number increased to 529.

That’s a 160 percent increase.

Additionally, the number of fatalities involving a commercial vehicle increased from 8 fatalities in 2016 to 22 in 2018.

Corporal Steve LeSueur expects to see those numbers rise again in 2019 due to an increase of highways being annexed.