MIDLAND, Texas — A new apartment complex is under design by the Midland Development Corporation.

The non-profit organization is planning to build Hillcrest Villages, a 19.8 acre apartment complex on an empty lot located along the 4600 block of West Cuthbert.

The complex will only be available to first responders, MISD employees and Midland Memorial Hospital staff.

MDC's co-chair for the project, Brad Bullock, says providing housing specifically for those employees can benefit the whole community.

"Those occupations are just foundational to the fabric of our community and those fields have all struggled to retain employees, so we're doing what we can to help," said Bullock.

Empty lot located on W Cuthbert
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Project officials say rents at Hillcrest Village will be 30-50% of current market rent rates in Midland.

The complex's design is to feature 200 units in a "Big House" concept.

"We want to be sensitive to the neighborhood, so it doesn't look like a traditional apartment complex," Bullock continued. "So it's 20 individual 2 story buildings with 10 units per building, each with its own garage and individual access to each apartment."

As of September, the Hillcrest Village project is in the fundraising stage.

The project has a total cost of approximately $42 million, but in order to provide such drastically reduced rent rates, the non profit is fundraising $14 million of the total cost.

On September 9, the Midland Development Corporation chipped in on the project with a $98,000 investment to cover architect site plans, so the property can be applied for a zone change.

If fundraising and the permit process goes according to project official's plan, MDC is hoping to start construction in Spring 2020.

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