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Is the national tree shortage affecting the Permian Basin?

A Tree Market event comes to the Parks Legado Town Center.

ODESSA, Texas — The Parks Legado Christmas Tree Market took place today at the Parks Legado Town Center.

“This is our fourth year, I believe, selling Christmas trees for Midland and Odessa," Vice President of Permian Band Booster Brett Hazenstab said. "It’s a wonderful opportunity to bring the kids out here to get some work done and provide a nice Christmas tree and fresh Christmas trees from Wisconsin for the community.”

But there is a natural Christmas tree shortage nationally. 

The high prices of shipping and diesel fuel can affect the prices of the trees themselves to go up for the average consumer.

However, it doesn’t seem like that national shortage has really affected the Permian Basin.

“We’ve been really fortunate we’re dealing with a tree farm in Wisconsin and they’ve been bringing us fresh trees," Hazenstab continues. "They have them reserved for next year for us as well.” 

Without the troubles of the shortage that is affecting other parts of the country, the Permian Basin is free to enjoy the Christmas spirit without the worry of not being able to have a natural tree.

“It’s been a great experience for everybody coming out," Hazenstab said. "The kids have an opportunity to sit with Santa. On Saturday nights we have a wonderful market. Being able to buy a fresh Christmas tree here locally in really good shape, it’s been a good opportunity for us.” 

So even though it may not be December just yet, but the Christmas spirit is already alive and well in the Permian Basin. 

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