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Artistic rock stacks puzzling Odessa residents

No one knows who created the rock stacks, but the community has been enjoying the art.

ODESSA, Texas — There's a mystery in Odessa. One that has local residents scrambling for answers. Unique works of art made by stacking rocks have appeared in parts of Odessa.

But what are they and more importantly, who’s the gifted artist behind the artwork?

Near the corner of Eastridge Road and Billy Hext Road there are stacks of rocks. While their sudden appearance may have been confusing at first, the artistic expression has been embraced by nearby residents and businesses.

“It's very eye catching. I mean it's like a little monument that's being built and it's pleasing to the eye. I mean it's like someone's trying to make art within the neighborhood that you can have something to look at when you pass by,” said Cheryl Torres, a local business owner.

There have been a bunch of different theories thrown around as to who truly started these stacks.

“Well what I've heard is it's a elderly guy, but I mean it could be an angel.” Torres continued.

Other theories include a young man that lives in the area or a girl.

But regardless of who started it, the group of rock stacks has grown and the local community has been enjoying them.

It's been assumed by most that by now others have contributed to the rock stacking, as well as re-stacking any that had been knocked down. 

Even if Odessa citizens don't get a definitive answer as to who the artist that started these works is, we still have their work to admire.


UPDATE: A day after this story ran, NewsWest 9 was able to track down the man responsible for these art pieces.

The mystery stacker is a 79-year-old gentleman who does not wish to be identified.

He did tell us that he goes on walks through the neighborhood and wanted something to do to break up the monotony while out and about.

The man says he is happy to see the community reacting so positively to the stacks and that others have even joined in on the fun.

He has a positive attitude about life in general and hope to continue the fun for as long as he can walk.

In fact, he's so positive he says even if one of his rick stacks falls he's okay with that-he'll just put it right back up.

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