ODESSA, Texas — Hope Sanchez has been working for ECISD for almost twelve years. 

She is the heart of the Odessa High School lunchroom. 

“There's something about kids, whether they’re big, small, high school or whatever that keep me going through life," said Sanchez. 

Her legal name is Esperanza, which means "hope" in English. 

Hope is exactly what she spreads throughout the Odessa High cafeteria. 

It's not the food she makes as assistant cook in the kitchen that makes her special though- it's the extra mile she goes outside of the kitchen connecting with students. 

 “Every day I bring money, change or a dollar bill and I give, I give to the kids if they don’t have the money to pay for whatever they want but I give it to them from the heart," said Sanchez. 

Her daughter, Elena Sanchez, said this is how her mother has always been.  

“She raised five kids on her own always a single mother but she always provided. We never went without," said Elena. "“I tell her don’t adopt anymore kids because I’m the baby."

Like Hope did with her own children, she also makes sure the kids she comes in contact with at Odessa High School never go without either. 

At the end of the school year Sanchez gave students that she could see might need assistance her phone number and told them to text or call her when school was starting back up if they needed school supplies. 

They've started texting her already and she's been able to buy suitcases full of supplies for the children. 

Elena said the community has been generous with donations.