ODESSA, Texas —

It all started with a trip to the grocery store. 

“I seen this guy outside and he had like this crazy long beard, and hair that was past his eyes and I could tell he was really hot, you know," said Emilio Mendez.

For the last eight years, Emilio has loved giving clean shaves and fades.

“As I was shopping and stuff I was thinking he really needs a hair-cut," explained Mendez.

That alone was enough to inspire Emilio to do something more. 

“At first I was thinking about doing something on my own and just cutting a few homeless people, but I jumped on social media and I reached out to my followers and other local barbers who might be interested in doing something like this and I got a lot of positive feedback," said Mendez. "A simple head-wash and a haircut and a shaved face can bring the confidence up for a lot of people.” 

So between appointments at the shop, he passes out flyers to spread the word to those who might be in need. 

“I didn’t think I was going to need people to donate food and clothes and stuff like that," said Mendez. 

The community has donated food and clothes though, and with around ten barbers signed up so far, they expect to do even more.

“It feels good to know that somebody out there is going to get a free haircut and its going to help them" said Mendez.

A simple trip to the grocery store, a chore some of us dread, inspired an opportunity for cuts and confidence.