MIDLAND, Texas — We all have those days where some aren't as bright as others. Now there’s some children in Midland who hope to make your day a little better.

They're on a mission to spread love, joy and comfort using what they found in their own backyard.

Reese and June Wood and Lyla Cross spent a week painting but not on paper. Instead, they painted on rocks.

"The name of the project is called Delightful Rocks with the hashtag shine the light because when people are sad and stuff, you think as dark times and the light is something to make them feel better," said Reese Wood, 11.

Piggy-backing off the Rocks of Kindness project, they painted kind messages on them and left them around parks for others to find. But it's the bigger message they wanted to spread.

"I thought maybe we could do something nice for the community,” said Lyla Cross, 7. “We could write a nice and positive message. It makes me feel warm inside."

Each rock was painted with love and distributed throughout the Tall City. Now it's up to you to find them.

"We're just kids,” said Reese. “All we used is paint, markers and rocks. Any little thing can make somebody's day."

They hope to shine a light on those who even have the darkest of days.

"No matter how bad you feel, there's something to make you feel better,” said Reese. “It's going to be okay. Somebody else cares."

The girls hope this simple project continues to grow around West Texas and encourage you to spread kindness.

"I hope when other people find these rocks, keep them in their homes and know that whenever you're having a bad day, they remember other people are thinking about them," said Reese.

"I think these rocks will make people have a better day because of the nice messages we wrote on them," said June, 7.

These messages may be small, but it shows even on days when you think you've hit rock bottom, just remember that there's still someone out there that hopes you can take that stepping stone to happiness.

"If this just keeps going on and on, then that'll make me very happy," said Lyla.