Friday, the Permian Basin Regional Council on alcohol and drug abuse donated 150 Narcan nasal sprays to the Odessa Police Department. 

Opioid overdoses are a call OPD responds to every day.

"Midland and Odessa ranks 15 in the U.S. of opioid overdoses," said Jackie Duarte, prevention technician for the PBRC on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

While most cities across the nation are facing an addiction crisis few have been hit as hard as Odessa.

"It may not make the news but unfortunately overdose happens daily, deaths happen. And this is much needed its a nasal spray, it's the easiest product that they have," said Duarte.

Easy as a spray to the nostrils, the medicine reverses the effects of an opioid and heroin overdose in seconds.

Now, OPD patrol officers will have them handy.

"Well, it's something you know, as officers we see things from a completely different perspective. We see things that the general public doesn't see. As you see arrest we are constantly making arrest,"  said Steve LeSueur Odessa police department public information officer. "So our goal isn't to make as many as arrest as we can, our goal is to prevent this from happening in the first place."

After all the police are first on the scene, even before medics.

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"What we're seeing is people harming themselves, people harm their animals to get opioids. And a lot of times when they can no longer get that prescription they turn to heroin because it's cheaper and easier to access. Heroin is part of the opioid family," said Duarte.

Besides going the extra mile to abuse it, Duarte says gaining access can include anything, from breaking your arm to a dental procedure. 

Part of the reason, having these sprays on hand can help save a life when you least expect it.

"If you are taking an opioid if you know a friend that's abusing an opiod you're going to want this on hand because you never know when one pill is too much," said Duarte.

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