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MPD takes steps to heal after losing Officer Heidelberg

This morning the Heidelberg family gave a statement to the community for the first time since they lost their son last week.

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - This morning the Heidelberg family gave a statement to the community for the first time since they lost their son last week.

They thanked both the local and national community who has shown them constant support during their time of grief.

“Thank you also to those around this nation, law enforcement and civilians who have been praying for us during this most difficult time...” said a spokesman on behalf of the family.

The family mentioned that they knew how special Nathan Heidelberg, or ‘Hayden’ as he was known by those who loved him most, was to his family, but they were not aware of the impact he had on his community.

The officer exclaims, “While all of us knew how special Hayden was to this family, we did not realize the great impact he has had on his city."

Heidelberg’s father shook his head in agreement as the officer put into words a statement he couldn’t speak aloud.

The loss of Heidelberg his family feels also extends to his second family, the Midland Police Department and law enforcement.

One member of that family, Sergeant Michael Chandler knew Heidelberg through working together.

“Hard worker, would never go home until all his reports were done... he’d stay in the parking lot typing away. He’d say if there is work to be done, we’ve gotta get it done...” said Chandler remembering Heidelberg’s work ethic.

Chandler notes the drive that Heidelberg had to always finish work that needed to be done is the same drive that wills the department to keep moving forward.

“We are just going to concentrate on going forward right now...” moving ahead with the sincere support of the community, “Just thank you, thank you for your show of support" said Chandler.

For the last week, Heidelberg’s cruiser has been parked in front of the MPD building where members of the community were invited to lay flowers and cards as a memorial.

Today, Chandler parking Heidelberg’s car in the back of the MPD parking lot serves as symbolic gesture of healing.

In time the car will be reassigned to another officer that takes on the same responsibility as Heidelberg did-to serve and protect the community.

Both Heidelberg’s family and the MPD’s strength to carry on the memory of Officer Nathan Heidelberg in their hearts remains forever.

They are hearts full of gratitude in response to the West Texas community’s endless support.

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