Move to Regulate Sexually-Oriented Businesses in Seminole
Move to Regulate Sexually-Oriented Businesses in Seminole
By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

SEMINOLE - Members of the city council in Seminole are looking to move forward with the ordinance regulating sexually oriented businesses. This is after the city council got no public comments a little over a week ago during their first public hearing on the issue.

The ordinance is the first time members of the city of Seminole have looked to regulate sexually oriented businesses within the city. Gaines County Commissioners passed a similar law regulating adult entertainment back on December 31st.

However, with no public response, they plan to move forward and discuss the ordinance again on February 18th.

A lot of Seminole residents told NewsWest 9 they agree with the ordinance. One business owner said she doesn't want to see "filth" in her town.

Another resident said they'd like to keep their hometown - "hometown."