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Mother, daughter reunited at Manor Park after 13 months apart

Joann Scott and Carolyn Thompson finally got the reunion they've been waiting for.

MIDLAND, Texas — A reunion that was long overdue.

"This has just been wonderful," Carolyn Thompson, daughter of Joann said.

This mother and daughter went without hugging each other for over a year.

"I love you so much," Joann Scott, mother said.

Pushing through a pandemic, Carolyn and Joann spent the last year talking through a window.

"I just felt very lonesome," Scott said.

Carolyn lives only minutes away from her mother, but the two have never felt further apart.

"I learned not to take them for granted," Scott said. "Each time, each day is a time to do and love your family. If you feel like calling them, get the phone and call them."

But sometimes, words aren't enough.

"I didn't think there'd be real tears," Thompson said. "I think her heart when I was hugging on her, her heart was pounding and racing, just getting to be together for the first time in such a long time. 13 months is a long time. We're just ready for life to be normal again, whatever normal means."

Carolyn and Joann aren't alone. Deerings Nursing and Rehabilitation in Odessa received an email from their corporate office just yesterday telling them they could start easing visitation restrictions. Also, Ashton Medical Lodge and Midland Medical Lodge are currently easing visitation restrictions like Manor Park.

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