ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - Andrews experienced very rare, severe weather Tuesday night with extreme high wind warnings-wind so strong it lifted roofs and even rolled over several mobile homes.

“Everything shook when that roof came off and then just all of a sudden we heard a big bang where it landed back on top of us,” said mobile homeowner, Dora Aguirre.

It was just 10 p.m. when Aguirre and her son, Enrique, were holding each other tightly under a mattress for dear life.

Aguirre says, “I was worried about my son because he was just shaking, he couldn’t stop shaking. And he was hugging me and I was hugging him and that mattress was laying on top of us and I was wondering is this enough? Is it going to turn over?”

Winds up to 75 mph surrounded their mobile home causing their roof to unlatch from the bolts and thick screws holding it together.

“A roof can be replaced, I’m just glad me and my son are ok. When you’re sitting there, the roof ain’t what’s going through your head or everything falling apart. What’s going through your head is am I going to be here tomorrow? Am I going to be ok? Is my son going to be ok?” said Aguirre.