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Monkeypox cases increasing throughout the country

Monkeypox and it's symptoms is closely related to Small Pox.

TEXAS, USA — Monkeypox isn't a new disease, it was discovered first in humans in 1970 and is similar to smallpox.

"They look almost identical except monkey pox has a very characteristic swelling of the lymph nodes," said Anne Rimoin, a Professor a professor of epidemiology at the University of California.   

What is new is the large increase in monkey pox cases throughout the world including here in the U.S.

"We now have over a hundred cases and I think we are up to 20 states or municipalities at this time," said Dr. Inger Damon with the CDC.

Monkey pox is spread from being close to someone who has the virus.

"What we typically see is that the close contact is really spreading the virus," said Dr. Amira Roess of George Mason University. 

Someone that has Monkeypox has a variety of different symptoms,

"So in people the signs and symptoms of monkeypox are classically described as being milder than the symptoms of smallpox," Dr. Damon said.

Symptoms of monkeypox include a fever, headaches, and muscle aches.  Someone with monkeypox can also infected can get a rash that then spreads throughout the body.

There is vaccines and medicine that combat monkey pox. 

"There's two preventative vaccines and two antiviral treatments that can be used, one of the vaccines the trade name Jynneos here is approved as a monkeypox vaccines for adults 18 year of age and older," Dr.Damon said.

People who are infected generally recover.

"Most often people who are infected with monkey pox virus generally recover fully within two to four weeks without the need for any specific treatment," Dr. Damon said.



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