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Monahans Police warn citizens about advertising scam

Police say the scammers will text or email the person and say they can get paid for advertising a brand logo.
Credit: Artur - stock.adobe.com

MONAHANS, Texas — Monahans Police are warning the public of a scam they say has popped up numerous times in the area.

The scam involves citizens receiving a text or email asking them if they want to earn money by advertising a name brand logo.

Anyone who accepts the offer and provides vehicle information will be sent a cashier's check in the mail and instructed to cash it. The person is told they can keep some of the money but send the rest to the address provided for a wrap artist to install the logo.

However, financial institutions will then take possession of the check and determine it to be fictitious, and the victim will be responsible for the total amount of money due back to the bank.

Monahans PD is encouraging the public to be aware of this scam as well as others.

Some tips they provide include not answering unknown numbers, hang up on anyone threatening arrest or legal action or anyone asking for payment via gift cards, money wires or mailed cash and ask family, friend or police if you're not sure if its a scam.

If you live in Monahans and receive a scam call you are asked to call 432-943-3254.