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MISD to train, add more National Board Certified Teachers

"Our job is to recruit those high quality teachers, retain them and develop them so that we can have the optimal benefit for our students."

MIDLAND, Texas — Midland Independent School District is working to get more of their teachers National Board Certified. This certification helps further teachers' education which in turn benefits students.

"[It's] a positive initiative for teachers and for students, so we always know that the more prepared a teacher is in the classroom, the more information they have in their toolbox to utilize when their instructing students, the more students achieve," said Woodrow Bailey, Chief of Human Capital Management for MISD.

MISD announced they're working with the Permian Strategic Partnership and  Stanford to have more National Board Certified Teachers, which means more training.

"Basically a deeper dive into the subject area and that will earn the national board certification so almost like another master's degree," said Bailey.

The goal is to have high quality teachers, which makes for high quality students. 

"We know that when they're highly prepared, highly qualified and when they're certified to provide instruction everyday, then the student is going to benefit so that's our goal, that's what we're aiming for. Our job is to recruit those high quality teachers, retain them and develop them so that we can have the optimal benefit for our students," said Bailey.

Thanks to the community, the initiative will cost little to the district and teachers. The Permian Strategic Partnership playing a big role in funding the certification.

"You know anytime the community shows support for the teachers, it builds the entire profession, it shows value, it builds morale, it shows teachers that the work they do everyday in the classroom is appreciated," said Bailey.

The PSP is happy to help and provide more tools and resources for teachers and students in the Permian Basin.

“The PSP is committed to accelerating educational improvements and building a robust academic environment across the Permian Basin. Our teachers are the foundation for inspiring students to succeed, and we must provide them with every opportunity to enrich their personal and professional development, and encourage them to build life-long careers in our schools. Working with the National Board to expand this partnership will positively impact our educational environment for years to come,” said Tracee Bentley, president and CEO of the PSP.

Having Nationally Board Certified teachers isn't the only way for teachers, students and the district to grow.

"That might include a master's degree, we have teachers that do intensive work during the summer on university campuses throughout the nation, they spend their breaks traveling across the world to learn more to bring that knowledge back to students," said Bailey.

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