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MISD School Board finalizes bond recount today

"I think it was good for us to all be in the room to hear the complete and accurate recount of the recount," SPAC co-chair Christine Foreman said.
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MIDLAND, Texas — "It's disappointing in that there's so many questions left unanswered. That's the part that really, that I'm having trouble, I'm havin' trouble with, to know that there's a discrepancy in the amount of votes," Matt Galindo said.

Disappointment, worry, and lack of trust. 

That's what's left for many Midland voters after a whirlwind election. 

A $569 million bond officially passed after the MISD school board finalized the results in a special meeting this afternoon, and there's no going back. 

People had a lot to say before the meeting. 

One, urging them not to finalize the results and set them in stone.

Another, hoping people exercise their right to vote in the future and become more involved in their children's education going forward.  

And while the results are finalized and the opposition is moving forward, both sides agree they're not confident in the results until the discrepancies are sorted out. 

"No one on our committee or even on the other side is, feels confident yet until those discrepancies are explained by the county," Christine Foreman said.

As for the next steps the county is taking - regaining the trust of voters by launching an investigation.

"We look forward to now having done the recount and being in the same room with the opposition and actually starting to heal and rebuild those relationships," Foreman said.

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