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MISD creates new Mental Health Coordinator position

Midland ISD has decided to implement their first steps towards their Mental Health Action Plan.

MIDLAND, Texas — Many students around the nation struggle with mental health when it comes to issues like bullying or parental divorce. 

Now, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these factors have been heightened. 

Midland Independent School District is taking steps to combat these problems.

"What I hope is that our kids feel…our students feel heard," said MISD Guidance and Counseling Director Nicole Ramon.

To prove that they're listening, the district has created a Mental Health Coordinator position on their staff.

"They will be gathering the information, working closely with myself and Meadows. They also will be providing training for staff members," said Ramon. "Pretty much just organizing everything so that it flows in the most productive way.”

"I’m excited about this new position and what they’re doing in MISD," said Oceans Behavioral Hospital CEO Emileh Flitton. "It’s amazing what one person can do for this age group. Just having someone to talk to you know, because a lot of times they don’t want to talk to their parents."

MISD is partnering with Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute for the new coordinator.

"When a student’s needs are met in that aspect then we are able to connect with them on a more educational level," said Ramon. "So our goal as a district is to really help the whole child in all aspects of their life so that they can be successful."

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