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MISD Family Support Center to help homeless students over summer break

The center will be giving these students food and hygiene boxes along with encouragement throughout the summer.
Credit: Midland ISD

MIDLAND, Texas — The Midland ISD Family Support Center will be aiding homeless students all summer long by providing food and hygiene boxes. 

The center will be contacting students every six weeks to help out. They have already contacted 19 students and have made over 50 unique visitors already.

"School stability can decrease mobility, and school is often the one thing in their lives that's stable," said Jill McCall, Executive Director of Student Services.  

The purpose of these visits are not only used to give food and hygiene products to students, but to make sure these students will stay in school after the summer. 

"Graduation is something we help these students grab onto and work toward," McCall said. Truancy can be an indicator of a child at risk of circumstances such as human trafficking. 

At this moment, MISD has 270 students enrolled that are identified as homeless and more than 350 who are inactive. 

"We don't know their stories, and we don't judge," said Family Support Center Specialist Theresa Barrera. "We're focused on their here-and-now issues. Seeing families in difficult life situations can be trying, but doing this makes my heart grow. "I feel what they feel, but helping those in need makes you feel good."