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Community looks to help migrant children

Despite having new clothes, food and recreational supplies, the migrant children lacked one thing: art supplies. One Midland woman wanted to change that.

MIDLAND, Texas — Heather Bredimus, active in the Midland community, was surprised like so many others were about the migrant kids coming to Midland. However, she quickly looked for ways to show her support.

"Some friends of mine and I started reaching out to our local parishes and other nonprofits in the area and to DHS to try and find information about what’s going on and how we can help," Bredimus said.

One way that Bredimus and the community helped was through donating art supplies, an idea that quickly took off.

"I created a Facebook group called Matthew 25 Ministry, and it just kind of grew by word-of-mouth and a bunch of different people that I have never met before joined and we just put up there that this is a group of people who are interested in helping these kids in right now," Bredimus said.

As for why Bredimus felt the need to help these migrant children? She said that as a foster parent for the last six years, taking care of children is something that she was called to do.

"For me and my family, my husband and I have been foster parents for the past six years and we’ve known for a very long time that it was our calling to help kids who are in the most vulnerable situation, those who don’t have parents that can provide for them and it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are," Bredimus said.

Bredimus said that she was overjoyed with how quickly the community came together to provide these supplies.

"It’s really uplifting to see the community come together and just be that light for them, and I hope that just through the small gesture that when they receive and it’s a huge donation of what we’ve been able to provide it will just give them a little bit of happiness and hope going forward," Bredimus said.

The art supplies have already been dropped off at the facility, but there are other ways to help for those wishing to do so. Bredimus said that the best way people can help is by signing up as a volunteer through the Red Cross.

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