MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - West Midland experienced a severe hail storm yesterday, resulting in a mass of damaged cars and homes.

“I mean it was hitting hard, I mean the roof you could hear every ding dang and everything. All our trees everything was falling. It looked like snow,” said a victim of the storm, Elizabeth Tutor.

Tutor was gardening when the hail started to fall and peg her at a fast rate.

“In my head I was like what the hell, really your thought process is like automatic mode, to me is like protection and I was just making sure my dog was ok, he was inside he was ok. I was making sure my house wasn’t going to fall through because of the trees and everything because you never know, anything can happen,” said Tutor.

Body shop owner, Larry Sims explained for the next several months cracked/ shattered windows and dings, will be the top of their priority list.

But for now, it’s hard to give a price range as to what that will be for people without insurance.

“Damage dictates cost, there’s no real set amount. It could be 500 or it could be 10,000. If they’re really new cars, the cost goes up. If you got hit really severe, the cost is up. But for the better part of the question it’s hard to tell unless you come in and see us," said Sims.