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Midland woman helps stranger search for her lost dog

Sandra Ramos has been standing at intersections holding a lost dog sign looking for a dog that's not hers and that she doesn't even know.

MIDLAND, Texas — Shelley Almuina has been looking for her dog Bentley for three weeks now.

"I was devastated and I began to look through alleys and streets, post posters, talk to neighbors, get on social media. Do everything I could to get my baby back home," she said.

After weeks of posting, a stranger stepped forward to offer her help.

"I don’t know what it was but I just got really touched by her story. So I contacted her and I got the flyers and we met up at Home Depot and we got the flyers and I started posting them in her area," said Sandra Ramos.

"I felt a connection with her. She says she was drawn to us," said Almuina.

Ramos ended up feeling so passionate about helping find Bentley, she's decided to take to the streets. 

"I felt like if I get the big sign she has in her yard. I can hold it up and people will see it and I can go to the major intersections," said Ramos. "I stood at all of these locations. I did it for two days and I did it for hours and I could see people stopping and taking pictures and more active and it made me feel like okay, people are looking at his picture now."

This act of kindness hasn't only helped bring them closer to finding Bentley, but has brought them together. 

"To know that someone has a goal to find him to reconnect with me, it really was overwhelming because it really touched me deeply," said Almuina. "I have been overwhelmed by her kind heart. I know that we’re supposed to love her neighbor by deed and she has definitely done that."

"To me I’m from Midland, Texas and it means a lot to me to help the community. Her story touched me and I didn’t know her, just like I don’t know a lot of people that I help, but I just have this urgent side that I just cannot keep walking like I didn’t see it. I have to stop and help," said Ramos.

There's a $1,000 reward for anyone who finds Bentley. If you have any information, you can call Shelley at 432-488-7899.

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