Midland Veteran Could Lose Everything
Midland Veteran Could Lose Everything
By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Oscar Natividad work his way up through the ranks of the U.S. Army. He became a specialist and joined the Elite Airborne Rangers. He served time in Iraq after the Gulf War.

In 1998 during a routine training jump in Florida, he broke his right leg and rotated his left knee. Now almost ten years after his injury a doctor won't clear him for work and he could need a fifth surgery.
"I used every penny I had and didn't have, just to make ends meet," said Oscar Natividad, "When we got this house together we had two incomes, and we made bills with that much money and my wife can not do it alone."

When the foreclosure notice came in the mail, their last hope was help from the Veterans Affairs Regional Office in Waco. Natividad sent in the paperwork and Rep. Mike Conaway (R) Texas helped stall his loan company.

"Then the denial letter came, and so we started packing," said Natividad, "I don't think about myself without my family."

When Newswest Nine contacted the State and U.S. Veterans Affairs Department's Regional Office in Waco, they offered to provide a counselor and to expedite a new claim.