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Midland teen defying the odds as he battles Muscular Dystrophy

Dawson Thomas' parents were told their son would only live to be 15 years old when he was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. Today, he's 19 and defying the odds.

MIDLAND, Texas — Dawson Thomas is a very vibrant boy, according to his parents Delanna and David Thomas. 

"He’s really smart when it comes to science plants and animals," said David.

"He’s incredibly talented, he’s funny, he’s adventurous, said Delanna.

But behind his smiling face, is a boy battling a fatal disease.

"We suspected early on that there was something wrong with him. Because developmentally he was just off," said Delanna. 

At just four years old, Dawson was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Muscular Dystrophy breaks down the muscles of the body over time, and Dawson had one of the most severe forms which affects mainly boys.

Credit: Thomas Family

"[A] diagnosis that we’d never imagine in a million years that it would happen because we don’t have muscular dystrophy in our family but we do now," said Delanna.

"It was devastating. We talked to our pediatrician, he basically said take him home and love him as best you can, there’s nothing more to do," said David Thomas.

However, the Thomas' believed there was more they could do for their son.

"We flew to Los Angeles every week for an infusion, then after that we flew to Dallas every week for almost two years," Delanna said. "He was supposed to lose the ability to walk when he was nine but he walked right up until his 18th birthday."

Credit: Thomas Family

Since receiving his diagnosis, Dawson is continuing to defy odds to this day.

"Dawson’s diagnosis originally said his life expectancy was 15 years and but he’s 19 now. We say 'Well Dawson just remember you’re not dying from muscular dystrophy, you’re living with it'."

Despite there still not being a cure to their son's disease, the Thomas' are still hopeful everyday through it all.  

"I love the fact that the firemen are still passing the boot. Every time Dawson always says 'Mom, Mom we got to put money in the boot' because he still hasn’t given up hope for a cure," said Delanna. 

"What they’ve accomplished has allowed my son's life expectancy to be doubled and his health to be improved, so the research and the treatment aren’t for nothing... what if we are so close… we can’t stop."

The Midland Fire Department will be passing the boot at the intersections of Wadley and Midkiff and Andrews and Midland from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on May 13 if you would like to help.

Credit: Thomas Family


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