MIDLAND, Texas — While football may often be the talk of town in Midland, city officials like councilman J.Ross Lacy want to make sure that athletes interested in other sports aren't forgotten about. 

"So what we did today is we listened to a presentation on $5.2 M of improvements that would improve softball, baseball, and soccer fields," said Lacy.

The fields that would benefit include the ones at Hogan, Windlands and Butler parks. These are venues that Lacy says have started to struggle to attract out of town teams to come play at.

"What we see with our current athletic fields is that people come to Midland once and say we're never coming back, your fields aren't adequate for what we can play in another city," said Lacy

The list of improvements city staff have identified include everything from adding turf, sun shades, new fencing, lighting, PA systems and more.

A full list is available right here.

"So this is coming at a cost of zero dollars to the Midland tax payer because it's all being paid by visitors, this is a home run for the citizens of Midland and our parks division," said Lacy.

Each of the projects will still require approval from city council once RFP's are sent out, but Lacy says his fellow council members are ready to get the ball rolling.

"We want staff to move ahead now, I expect in the next 30-60 days we'll start to see RFP's and then we'll start going after contractors and see construction started in 90 days," said Lacy.

Hogan Golf Course and the Nelms BMX park are also listed in the $5.2 million budget for improvements.

Hogan would receive a new cart path for its Quail course.