MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Avellan Space Technology and Science opened a manufacturing facility headquarters within the Space Port Business Park at the Midland International Space Port.

The Midland Development Corporation continues consultant partnership with InterFlight Global for more than $94,000 to advance as a leader in space.

AST and Science is Midland’s newest spaceport tenant. The company creates and assembles ultra-powerful satellites to launch in low Earth orbit.

Thanks to the attribution of the Midland Development Corporation’s continued consultant partnership with InterFlight Global for more than $94,000, this will mark the city as a leader in space exploration.

Founding Partner, Chairman and CEO of InterFlight Global Corporation Oscar Garcia worked with Midland City Councilman J. Ross Lacy to secure AST and Science.

“Oscar Garcia has been unbelievable. He was instrumental in in making sure we secured AST and Science as they relocated their corporate headquarters to the Midland Space Port. And this year we’ll see them launch their first satellite up into space. We are really starting to build a lot of momentum as we start to get recognition internationally for what we do here in Midland, Texas,” says Lacy.

By partnering with these space companies, Lacy thinks Midland will have another opportunity to have a hypersonic and supersonic workshop later this year.