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Random acts of kindness: Midland resident paying it forward with new TV show

Brandy Bell has started a West Texas-based design and hospitality show specializing in random acts of kindness. The show will debut on Newswest 9 Thursday at 1 p.m.

MIDLAND, Texas — Brandy Bell is a mom, wife and now host of her new TV show "Keeping Good Company." 

The show features episodes dedicated to displaying acts of kindness to West Texans who are doing some good, along with segments filled with crafts, cooking and lifestyle tips.

"Every show helps someone but every episode also teaches things. We talk about history, we travel, it's very much a hybrid design, hospitality, travel show," said Bell.

The show is filmed at her Midland home, all inspired by this place that changed her life 20 years ago.  

"West Texas is home and it saved our lives," said Bell. "I moved here from Carolina and it just me and three little boys and I was a single mom and we didn't know how we would make it."

Bell recalled a time when she was working three jobs with her boys as young as 18 months and a few kind strangers let her vent to them about having to juggle all that while coming home and having to do dishes. Two days later those people showed up at her house with paper plates and napkins to help lessen her workload.

Because of this act of kindness and the continued help her family received from West Texas communities, she's returning the favor. 

"It changed my life because simple acts make a big impact. They give people hope and so I realized I wasn't going walking alone community changed my life," said Bell. "The show is just about us giving back, it's about all these other people and you hear about community saves lives, me and my kids are just one example. There's stories everywhere."

Credit: Brandy Bell
Credit: Brandy Bell

Season one gets ready to air on August 25th on NewsWest 9.

"You can expect a lot of laughing, lots of crying and lots of learning all wrapped in one," Bell said.

Bell wants viewers to feel inspired by every episode of West Texan hospitality, that forever impacted her life.

"We're telling the story of community and connection through the diversity of the people and places of West Texas it's a beautiful story, these are beautiful people," said Bell. 

Credit: Brandy Bell

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