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Cotton Flat road construction making it harder for Midland residents to get around town

Ben Weihrich is a Midland man who gets around town in his wheelchair. Since the I-20 project started he's had longer commutes and a harder time getting around.

MIDLAND, Texas — Midland resident Ben Weihrich gets around town to run his errands in his wheelchair. 

"I live 3.2 miles from this intersection Midkiff and I-20. 45 mins to get in town and do my shopping and another 45 home," he said.

However, now it's taking him even more time. 

"I can't do that now," said Weihrich. 

Since the road construction started from TXDOT's I-20 project on Cotton Flat and Midkiff, he's expressed having a harder time on the roads.  

"With the tearing down of Midkiff, I have a long way to go to get groceries," he said. 

For him, longer travel times isn't his only struggle. He's also concerned his wheelchair won't stay charged during these longer trips. 

"Seven plus miles an hour and it eats up two bars of my electricity in my wheelchair," Weihrich said. 

The construction came as no surprise to him, but there wasn't much that he could do to fix the issue.

"We got notice late last year around October, I got a notice from TXDOT. In March of this year, I got notice of Cotton Flat," said Weihrich.

He still wishes residents' voices were heard more on the way it impacts them. 

"They have expressed sympathy, but they have nothing to offer as far as relief. But still the point is they should have asked the residents on the Southside as to how could they help them go around but no impact stating has been done," said Weihrich.

With this project stretching into next year, for Weihrich he will take it one day at a time. 

"I have to deal with it. Adapt, improvise and overcome," he said. 

According to TXDOT, on December 16th detours will change again for Cotton Flat Bridge demolition.  


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