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Midland Parks and Recs Commission discusses improvements at William-Sam Skatepark

Councilman Dan Corrales and a representative and parent with the Skatepark Association voiced their concerns about the skate park and ways it could be improved.

MIDLAND, Texas — The topic of the William-Sam Memorial Skate Park located at Beal Park was at the center of much of the discussion Tuesday for the Midland Parks and Rec Commission.

Concerned mom and Midland Skatepark Association representative, Christina Cockrell, was very vocal about a skate park her kids frequently use.

"I came out today to help represent the Midland Skatepark Association, to be an advocate for the property and the grounds because a lot of people in the community that make the decisions, they aren’t present to see everything that happens from sun up to sundown," said Cockrell.

For her, maintenance of the park is a big priority. 

"The maintenance is the biggest issue, with the dangers that come from the cracks and the eroding of the concrete and the copping and everything," she said.

"Maybe the board members are more aware that it’s not just vandalism and chaos and that it deserves equal respect that any of the ball sports do. Just because it’s a two wheel sport doesn't mean it doesn’t deserve the same amount of attention the other sports get," said Cockrell.

Midland Councilman Dan Corrales had a seat at the table and mentioned about the improvement he's noticed could be made. 

"I go out with my son, he likes to skateboard and my dog goes to the dog room and I saw parents with folding chairs and I, I’m thinking what can we do as a city to help improve that very basic quality of life where you can sit and watch your kid skate?" said Councilman Corrales.

He brought up safety as his main focus, especially due to the origin of this skatepark.

"When we look at what was the reason for the skate park, we see it was named after William and Sam and they were unfortunately hit by a vehicle by skating at Green Tree, and we have to honor their memory by maintaining that park so our kids can continue using it safely so they’re not on the streets," said Councilman Corrales. 

"My priority is looking out for our kids what are doing to make sure they can play safe and we as parents don’t have to stand for six hours while they’re skateboarding and maybe put some shade over. Have the water fountain there. These are really small things but when you put it together it makes everybody happier at the skate park," he said.

The next Park and Rec meeting will be March 21, 2023 at Beal Ranch House.

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