MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Reflection Ministries in Midland will make a special presentation to city council on June 26 in hopes the city will give them a piece of property to build an "Empowerment Center."

The organization's mission is to provide services in helping victims of human trafficking to get back on their feet and rejoin society, as well as to train local organizations such as law enforcement, shelters, and drug abuse centers on how to identify victims.

Dr. Cori Armstead is the organization's director of operations, she says the organization is fulfilling a need in the community.

"We predominantly focus with adults at the age of 17 or older because of the availability of resources for children and adolescents, we want to focus on the adult aspect because that's where we feel the biggest need is," said Armstead

The Reflection Ministries current headquarters are located off C street, in a small office building which their leadership says is unable to provide all the services they should be offering.

If awarded the property to build a new empowerment center, the organization would increase its services to provide training on job skills, life management classes, and drug testing to help empower victims.

In other plans, the organization also hopes to establish an undisclosed temporary housing center for victims where they can recover and stay off the streets.

At the special council meeting held on June 26, no action will be taken by council members to award the Reflection Ministries with new property, but a proposal could be added as a future agenda item.