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Midland Micro Market hosts open house for prospective shop owners

The open house was a success, providing new opportunities for several small businesses.

MIDLAND, Texas — The Midland Micro Market hosted an open market Thursday from 3 to 6 p.m. to show prospective shopkeepers what the market has to offer.

"We are just welcoming people in, if they are just looking for a storefront maybe or if they are looking to network with different small businesses here in town," said co-owner Hannah Streun.

The open house saw success as three new businesses signed leases with the Micro Market before the event began.

Meanwhile, both customers and interested small business owners came to the open house interested in the wares and the space.

According to Streun, the Micro Market is a viable spot for small businesses due to the small yet manageable store sizes.

“So something Micro Market specializes in is small spaces," Streun said. "We’re able to keep rent more manageable, you can keep your overhead more manageable, you can even work by yourself, it’s easier for people to start off small, typically.”

Meanwhile, interested parties continued to show up to see what was in store.

“We’ve gotten a lot of interest, which is why we are able to keep expanding. we had started originally with six shops, and now we have grown to over 20 shops," Streun said. "It just keeps growing.”

Ultimately, the success of the Micro Market will result in more success for downtown Midland while giving people something to do when they visit the downtown area.

“I think the more there is to offer, whether it’s shops, bars, restaurants, different activities or the park even, I think it just brings more people down here," Streun said. "More people wanna be down here. Instead of wanting to be down here for a couple of hours they will spend the whole day down here because there’s more things to do.”

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