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Midland mayor, Midland County DA, Trinity defense attorney comment on case dismissal

Charges against four Midland Trinity administrators were dismissed following the testimony of the main detective in the case.

MIDLAND, Texas — On Wednesday, the charges were dismissed in the case against four Trinity School administrators who were arrested for failure to report. The reason behind the dismissal was the testimony of one Midland police detective, Jennie Alonzo.

In dismissal documents, The Midland County District Attorney's Office said Alonzo wasn't truthful in her testimony.

In testimony, Alonzo, who was the main detective in the case, mentioned having a meeting with District Attorney Laura Nodolf, Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Lively and Midland Police Department's Sgt. Sharp. Alonzo also that Nodolf told her to get the arrest warrants for the administrators. She also said that if she could go back, she would not have arrested them.

That testimony is what caused the state to dismiss.

"There was nothing done in the Trinity case that was done at my direction, and as a result, the testimony that Sgt. Alonzo provided during trial, the prosecutors who were in there unanimously agreed that based on Sgt. Alonzo's testimony the case had been compromised to a point that it can no longer be proven beyond a reasonable doubt," said Nodolf. "And when you can't prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt, then the only just result is to then submit a dismissal to the court."

Defense attorney for Chrystal Myers, Frank Sellers, believes Alonzo was telling the truth.

In a statement to NewsWest 9, Sellers wrote:

"In my entire career, I have never seen a motion to dismiss contain an affidavit, much less one by the elected DA calling a law enforcement officer a liar. Sgt. Alonzo did not lie. She has no reason. Ms. Nodolf, on the other hand, knows Alonzo’s testimony waives her prosecutorial immunity. She has every reason. I know who I believe."

Midland Mayor Lori Blong also released a statement saying in part:

"The initial arrests in this case were made by the police department, with a warrant issued by the court, and at the direction of the district attorney’s office. Certainly, this will continue to be a topic of conversation and consideration among our city leadership and Council, as well as throughout our community in the days ahead. This has been a difficult season in the lives of many Midland families. My prayer is that the events of yesterday will be the first step toward healing."

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