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Midland man with polycystic kidney disease needs kidney transplant

"His problem is with polycystic kidneys and it's something that’s hereditary. It runs in my wife’s side of the family," Charles Terry said.

MIDLAND, Texas — Charles Terry has lived in Midland since 1988 and has been running his local construction company as president since.

Something you might not know about him is that his 49-year-old son needs a kidney. 

"His problem is with polycystic kidneys and it's something that's hereditary. It runs in my wife's side of the family," Charles Terry, Shayne's father said. 

It is so bad that his family is willing to do anything and everything. 

"I'm gonna get me a sign like you see people standing out on street corners with the will work for food or whatever that says my son's dying, we need a kidney donor," Charles said. 

They've even taken to social media and the company's website for help. 

The problem they're facing right now... is that none of his family members have healthy kidneys and the ones that do, aren't a match. 

What does it take to be a kidney donor?

The donor:

  • Can't be obese
  • Can't have kidney stones or any form of kidney problems
  • Can't be a smoker or alcohol-drinker for 6 weeks minimum
  • Have no history of cancer, high blood pressure or psychological problems
  • Can't be younger than 18

Shayne's father says he started dialysis about 2 months ago. 

"He knew what his creatine was supposed to be at and he would go to the doctor for checkups and they kept seeing it fall down and fall down and farther and farther until he got down to about 12 and then was in danger of going into a coma so Dr. Reddy had him go ahead and start dialysis," Charles said. 

Even though he says it's painful for his son at times, Shayne's got a great attitude about it. 

"When I ask him how are you gonna take this and everything, he said well dad ya know it is what it is," Charles said. 

"He's just a phenomenal person, never been married, great with kids and dogs and all of that kind of stuff and he's just got a heart of gold," Charles said. 

Shayne's got a great support system.

Now he just needs a kidney. 


If you're looking to help Shayne with a kidney transplant, here's what you can do:

Shayne’s transplant will take place at San Antonio Methodist Transplant Center. sahealth.com

Call 210-575-4483 and this person will direct you to the right place. 

When you fill out your application after speaking with the person at this phone number, list Shayne Terry DOB 12/10/1970 MIDLAND, TX as the recipient. 

The donor application is imperative you be honest for your safety and Shayne’s. There can’t be prior needle drug use. You cannot be over 35% BMI, but less than 30% is preferable. You can’t be a smoker for 6 weeks minimum. You can’t have high blood pressure, diabetes, and you must be of sound mind.

Once the application has been submitted, a donor advocate will review your information to see if you are a good candidate. They will call you and ask questions and arrange to send you a package of testing tubes and you will take the package to the blood lab they tell you to go to. 

You give blood and wait for them to notify you that you are a blood match. Once that is established they send you several more testing packages for blood and urine and you return to the lab as asked to. Every individual's testing requests will be different.

You are assigned your own kidney advocate who is there only for you. The advocate looks out for the donors' best interest, they answer any questions you have and are available to you easily with a phone call or email. Your conversation and information with your advocate is private and is not shared with the recipient. 

The recipient information is also not shared with the donor.
The donor is never paying out of pocket for expenses. Travel and all medical is covered. Should anything happen to your existing kidney, you will be placed at the top of the transplant list immediately.

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