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Midland man explores passion, records song in economic down turn

Joseph Norman goes by the artist name Coatomc, and was featured on CNN

MIDLAND, Texas — Joseph Norman was born and raised in Midland, and in the past few years found success with his own business as a well technician.

In the recent downturn, he says calls have all but stopped for oilfield work.

So Norman decided to make sure his family was happy and comfortable.

His first step, setting up a self-described "quarantine paradise" for his 2 young boys which included a tent in the back yard, a swing set, and an obstacle course.

Though as days turned into weeks, Norman wanted to spread joy not only to his family, but to his community.

To do that, he brought out his artistic persona "Coatomc" and recorded a song that he wrote "Quarantine Lover."

"A lot of people are hurting a lot of people are in a bad spot, they've lost jobs, they're hurting so I just wanted to spread positive energy, so I created 'Quarantine Lover' to spread joy and give people a break from the chaos that's surrounding us right now," Norman.

Norman tells me the inspiration for the lyrics of his song is the love and support of his wife, but he hopes his music will serve as an inspiration for those looking to find their own light in this pandemic.

"You have to pivot to find something your passionate about, you may not have loved what you did before but you can love what you do for the next 20 years, use the technology around you, YouTube university, if you don't know about something YouTube it, figure it out," said Norman.

Coatomc was featured on CNN, for his song "Quarantine Lover" and his resistance to tough times in West Texas.

Coatomc's music is also featured on Apple Music and Spotify.


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